The Only Way Home
by Liz Byron

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Introduction by Liz Byron

I was forty and at university before I realised I could write clear, strong, insightful, academic arguments.

I discovered that if I kept writing, re-writing, and more writing, deep clarity about the issues would emerge, as if from the body as well as the brain. It was 2006, when I had been writing academic material for 20 years, before I decided to try writing my story. I had five lecture pads full of journal notes about the 2,500 km trek I’d recently completed with my two donkeys. This seemed like a good place to start. My finished story read pretty well, so I sent it to an author friend who said it had publishing potential, but asked “But why did you do this trek?”
“Oh my god!” I said. “That would take telling the story of my whole life.”
“Well,” he said, “You’d better get on with it!”
And so I did. I wrote on and off for nearly fifteen years before feeling as if I understood myself and my life well enough to explain why I had done the trek. By the time I thought I was finished, I felt no need to get published. More than anything else, I had written for myself.

About Liz

Liz Byron, mother and semi-retired sociolegal researcher, writes from her New South Wales Northern Rivers home.

Liz’s writing is confronting, visceral in its honesty, as only an award-winning research lawyer would dare.

Having survived several high-risk treks and a stressful childhood, her love of bushwalking in Australia and trekking the Himalaya prepared her for a 2,500-kilometre trek through rural Queensland.

The Trek...
The Only Way Home meant leaving her roller-coaster marriage, career, family dinners, large library and a comfortable, charming home.

Each step on this radical journey of self-discovery helped Liz make sense of grief and trauma, including the tragic loss of one of her four children. Liz’s fierce independence was confronted daily as she tackled details of equipment and food ordering, thorny grass seeds and injury, lack of drinking water, and the hilarious will of her two devoted donkeys.


Read All About...

  1. Long distance trekking with donkeys
  2. Outdoor adventure
  3. Family secrets
  4. Taking yourself less seriously
  5. Life on remote cattle stations
  6. Bush-walking and the outback
  7. Being inspired
  8. Surviving trauma
  9. Forgiveness

Publication Information

ISBN: 978-1-9258682-0-3
Paperback: 256 pages

Published: First Ed. 24th February 2020;
Available in: Paperback

Edition: First Edition 2020
Publisher: Woodslane Pty. Ltd.

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